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Unify Data Governance, Risk and Compliance

Unify Data Governance, Risk and Compliance

Launch with ease

Low- and no-code options for getting started

If you’d like to use Stripe for your business but don’t have developers on staff, no problem. We have a few options depending on your needs.

Use a pre-integrated platform

Explore our directory to find out-of-the-box solutions that connect with Stripe, such as Squarespace and Lightspeed.

Build with Stripe-certified experts

Work with a Stripe consulting partner that can integrate and deploy Stripe solutions for you.

Try our no-code products

Create an invoice, accept an in-person payment with your phone, or share a payment link directly from your Dashboard to start generating revenue in minutes – no code required.

Domain-Based Access Policies

Personalized to your

projects and processes

With Purposes, you can define policies and curate data assets by business domains and project context. Reduce your time-to-value by providing the right data, in the right context.

Curate and serve your marketing data

Create a Purpose for “Market Segmentation” that will curate your Segment, Google Analytics, and Hubspot data, and automatically allow access to your Marketing team on Atlan.

Organize and maintain your Public Financial KPIs

Create a Purpose for “Public Financial Reporting” that will curate all your publicly reported assets, and automatically allow access to your Finance team on Atlan.

Protect and mask your PII data

Create a Purpose for “PII Classification” that will protect your sensitive information and grant access to only those who need it.