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Financial Services

Trust in the financial services sector is historically low. Governments around the world are imposing greater regulations to restore public confidence. Alex is used by some of the world’s largest banks to secure sensitive data, prove compliance to regulators and gain an advantage on the market.

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Communications companies are taking in more data than ever thought possible. With a myriad of data from an ever-growing list of sources, there is a pressing need to unify and simplify data systems for analysis and action. Alex helps some of the largest telecommunications companies in the world create value from their data.

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Shoppers generate loads of data and they expect seamless service. With Alex, retailers of any size and nature can stop guessing and start delivering personalised shopping experiences. When everyone in your company can access and use the accurate data, every channel can be optimised so you can sell more of your great products.

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The Resources and Energy sector provides the world with the power we need for our cities, companies and individual lives. With a complex web of markets, logistics and regulations to wade through, the last thing you should be worrying about is your data. Alex helps you get your resources where they’re needed most. Fast.

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There’s a whole new world of data out there – from biometrics, to hospital inventory levels, patient results, even health sensors. Discover a new way to make sense of it all and provide proactive patient care.

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Data is transforming the public sector wether you’re in federal, state, or local government. Power your agency mission with Search & AI-driven analytics. Get instant answers to data calls across billions of rows of data in seconds from any source – mission-critical planning systems, financial systems of records, case management applications, and more.

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No matter what industry you’re in, Alex Solutions can give you the edge.

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