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Own our values with heart.

We wholeheartedly and collectively own the nurturing of our people and products, which we esteem with great pride.

Taking ownership empowers us with the drive to constantly learn, improve and deliver great outcomes with our values.

In it together.

We bring our whole selves to work – we’re open and vulnerable, so we can build trust.

We embrace and empower each other with our values to learn from our failures, to constantly improve.

Our creative power is fostered by engagement and support which shines outwards to our customers.

Strength in Diversity.

We inspire each other to promote great ideas and new ways of thinking, ensuring every voice is spoken and heard.

We embrace our diverse team and believe in the strength it gives us to ensure our values.

Quality is our Attitude.

We wake up every day, striving to deliver world class outcomes for our customers.

We set the bar for quality high, and when we raise the bar, we rise to meet it.

Customers at the Core.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We constantly strive to offer our customers quality products, value and services. We support them with our values with utmost transparency and honesty.

We persistently endeavor to learn from the value derived from the Alex platform, and openly field feedback. Together, we make working with Alex more meaningful to all.

Dare to Innovate.

We embrace the creative minds and forward-thinkers in our team. We think ahead for solutions to problems we haven’t even faced yet, remaining revolutionary in the birth of a new industry.

We meet our challenges head on and think courageously outside the box to go the extra mile and deliver outcomes we are proud of.