alex automatically detects sensitivie data

Enterprise-scale Compliance

Configure data governance policies and data quality rules at the enterprise level. Coordinate your teams globally in a single platform for all your applications and enterprise systems. Leverage 100% customizable zero-code ontology to simplify compliance with regional regulations.

Rapid Analysis and Remediation

Alex automatically detects quality issues according to the custom parameters that suit your organization and notifies responsible data owners to enable rapid remediation. Alex Data Lineage shows you the up and downstream impacts of any remediation action to reduce risk.

Data Quality for Business

Alex Business Glossary allows you to link every data quality issue back to the responsible area of the business. End-to-end social functionality connects users and teams to collaborate on data across the enterprise.

Set and Maintain Controls

Configure and automate the data quality rules, controls, policies and processes within Alex. Automatically track quality factors like completeness, uniqueness, timeliness, consistency and more.

Always On Automation

Alex Data Quality is always working to make data quality easy to assess and act on with real-time dashboards providing updates on quality metrics for your most-used data.

Empower your people with trusted data for the most important decisions.

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