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alex automatically detects sensitivie data

Automated Data Quality

Alex automation is the fastest way to get a unified enterprise view of data quality metrics. Leverage realtime automation to coordinate global teams in a single platform for governing quality in all your applications and enterprise systems.

Rapid Analysis and Remediation

Automatically detect quality issues according to custom rules for your organization. Notify responsible data owners of anomalies to enable rapid, risk-controlled remediation. Alex Data Lineage visualises up and downstream cross-system impact analysis of any data quality issues or changes in seconds.

Data Quality for Business

With the full context of enriched metadata and deep links with the Alex Business Glossary, you’ll always know the business significance of any data in question. Role-based views enable you to see the data quality that matters to you at a glance. The 100% customizable, zero code user-friendly interface lets anyone govern data.

Set and Maintain Controls

Configure and automate the data quality rules, controls, policies and processes within Alex. Automatically track quality factors like completeness, uniqueness, timeliness, consistency and more. Link data quality policies to relevant data and systems to create a centralised governance workflow.

Unified Enterprise Data Governance

Alex is the single source of data truth and enterprise-wide governance. Managing data quality is integrated with powerful and rapid cross-system cataloging, automated lineage business glossary and risk and compliance governance. Massively reduce investigation and focus on action.

Empower your people with trusted data for the most important business decisions.

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Data Stewards

  • Implement, understand and manage Data Quality rules

  • Immediately identify data quality issues in source systems and applications

  • Kick off automated workflows to resolve data quality issues

  • Automatically monitor data quality

  • Provide trustworthy data to data users on request

Business Users

  • Understand Data Quality at a glance, any time

  • Ensure Data Quality rules are followed for business critical data

  • Monitor compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Create accurate dashboards and reports with trusted data

Data Scientists & Engineers

  • Easily access, analyse, transform and use any enterprise data with self-service functionality

  • Immediately discover related data and relationships between data and different applications with automated data lineage

  • Monitor compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Implement complex and sustainable custom data quality rules with zero code

Data Architects

  • Accurate Data Quality informs better achitectural decisions

  • Ensure data integrity throughout the entire data lifecycle with automated data lineage

  • Design effective analytics and reporting with high quality data

  • Easily understand which data is valid for migration so you don’t waste resources on low quality, unusable data