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Unify Business Areas in a single Data Platform.

Utilities companies offer a variety of services to enterprise, residential and public customers. Business units across the enterprise need specialised information to analyse operations and create unique products. Alex’s world-leading suite of search, analysis and collaboration features are available in the one platform. Alex unifies your entire data system to maximise value in every area of the business.

Collaborate around Data, Create Value.

Alex enables users of any technical level to instantly access, understand and use the right data for them. Configurable roles align with responsibilities and automated workflows facilitate collaboration by standardising and tracking processes. Alex bring teams together, anywhere, anytime to collaborate on and track work involving data. Powerful exploration, analytics, impact and lineage analysis maximise data value in every area of the business.

Trusted Data gets you truly Data-Driven.

Utilities firms require trusted data for key C-Suite level reporting and decision-making. Alex provides insights into data with automated Quality and tracing analytics so that reporting can always be verifiable and accurate. Your analysts can leverage Alex to develop algorithms using the most trustworthy datasets. The Augmented Business Glossary facilitates knowledge sharing with automated workflows to streamline processes and increase operational efficiency.

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Alex Solutions has been named a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice recipient for Metadata Management Solutions.

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  • "It's Like Getting A Bentley For The Price Of A Ford"

    Energy and Utilities Industry

    $50M Revenue

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  • "The Solution Delivers Exactly What It Says It Will."

    Energy and Utilities Industry

    Government Organisation

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  • "Implementation And Deployment Was Seamless"

    Energy and Utilities Industry

    $3 – 10B Revenue

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Eliminate Overlap, Support Collaboration

People and teams need common language and understanding across an enterprise, despite differences between distinct business areas. Alex Intelligent Business Glossary combats complexity of the multi-cloud and global enterprise by unifying all definitions, policies, metrics, rules, processes, workflows and more. As a single source of truth and centre of collaboration for the enterprise, Alex Intelligent Business Glossary powers global Data Governance and business initiatives.

Secure Data, Minimise Risk.

Alex provides insights into security and risk with reporting and analytics, including compliance dashboards and data usage reporting. There are tools for governing data usage by explore query counts, user identity, business unit, and risk classification by exposure and impact ratings. Compliance is standardised and enforced through Workflows where tasks can be automated through event triggers. Notifications and subscriptions alert roles and users to changes or actions.

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