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The Data Catalog powered by Knowledge.


Every Enterprise Needs a Knowledge Graph

An Enterprise Knowledge Graph is a powerful tool that integrates and connects diverse data sources, metadata, and business glossaries into a unified, contextualized view. It serves as a foundational element for effective enterprise data governance, providing a holistic understanding of data relationships, lineage, and usage across the organization. By mapping complex relationships between data entities, attributes, and policies, the Knowledge Graph enables organizations to derive strategic insights, ensure data quality and compliance, and drive innovation.


Enterprises face a myriad of challenges in managing and governing their data effectively. Siloed data, disparate systems, and evolving regulatory requirements make it difficult to ensure data quality, traceability, and compliance. An Enterprise Knowledge Graph addresses these challenges by providing a centralized, unified view of data assets and their interrelationships. It enables organizations to break down data silos, enhance data discovery, lineage tracking, and enforce data governance policies consistently across the enterprise.


What if your data stewards could impact analyze issues in seconds?

What if business users could instantly trace data in reports?

Always in full business context.

At the heart of the Enterprise Knowledge Graph lies its ability to enable impact analysis, powered by Alex Solutions’ Automated Data Lineage. By tracing the journey of data across its lifecycle, organizations gain a comprehensive understanding of how changes affect downstream assets. This equips decision-makers with the insights needed to anticipate outcomes, mitigate risks, and optimize strategies. When changes are proposed, the Knowledge Graph visualizes the ripple effects, helping organizations make informed choices that align with their goals.

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Visualize anything, anywhere.

Configured to You

Alex Lineage is fully customizable: it does what you need it to. For instance, data stewards can create links between any point in the lineage and relevant policies or related assets.  By visualizing data dependencies, lineage, and relationships, organizations can implement precise governance rules, ensuring data quality, compliance, and ethical use.

Seamless Integration and Scalability

The Alex Enterprise Knowledge Graph seamlessly integrates with existing data infrastructure and scales to meet the growing needs of organizations. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, Alex offers the flexibility and scalability needed to adapt to your evolving data management requirements. With seamless integration and scalability, organizations can unlock the full potential of their data assets, driving continuous innovation and growth.

Drive Business Value

Alex Lineage provides the ability to collaborate across data responsibilities. This is critical for enterprises performing complex data migrations, and who are subject to data privacy and other relevant regulations. With Alex your people can conduct impact analysis and rapid remediation across multiple platforms.

Alex delivers for the world's best data teams.

Alex Lineage can massively reduce the time and effort required to execute key projects like cloud migrations and impact analysis. Having an automated map of all the relationships between data objects and systems makes planning and investigation easy.


Minimise the risk of any change and maximize the value of data.

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Automated Data Lineage

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Reduction in Data Discovery Time

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Faster Impact Analysis

Why Alex Lineage?

Lineage that isn't just a diagram, but a platform for action.

Like other elements of the Alex Platform, Alex Data Lineage has built-in enterprise data governance collaboration.

When you identify an impacted table or find the source of an inaccurate report, remediation can start immediately within the lineage view with native, automated workflows.

enterprise knowledge graph
enterprise knowledge graph
enterprise knowledge graph

Alert Data Owners

Let the responsible subject matter experts take control of data issues for speedy remediation.

enterprise knowledge graph

Create Tickets

Easily detect and lodge any issues and their impacts up or downstream by conducting rapid lineage analysis.

enterprise knowledge graph

Conduct Impact Analysis

Immediately understand how any issues in data sets, down to the column-level, impact critical workflows.

enterprise knowledge graph

Protect Sensitive Data

Directly apply easily configurable risk and compliance policies, workflows and rules on anything in the lineage.

Column-level Lineage

Drill down to the most granular relationships with the most complete lineage views of any platform. See every relationship in its full context so that you can be confident in every decision.

Modern, Beautiful Visuals

Alex Data Lineage is the cleanest and most visually attractive while retaining the highest degree of functionality. The lineage is easy for business users to navigate and understand, with the accuracy needed for your most critical reporting.

enterprise knowledge graph