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Your single source of Intelligent Business Glossary


What if your Data Playbooks were automated workflows with full Intelligent Business Glossary within the data catalog?

Alex is the only enterprise data catalog with fully Intelligent Business Glossary services. Imagine automated Data Playbooks that unfold effortlessly, providing a comprehensive guide to your data ecosystem. With Alex each term is not just defined; it’s a gateway to critical business information, linked to associated datasets, governance policies, KPIs, workflows and more. Built on the Alex Enterprise Intelligent Business Glossary, this interconnected approach ensures that your teams don’t just understand terms in isolation but grasp their broader context, fostering a holistic understanding of your data landscape and consistent standards of excellence.

Your Fully Integrated Enterprise Data Governance Center

Create Consistency
Business Governance
Reduce Onboarding
Data Playbooks

Automated Workflows

The Alex Intelligent Business Glossary transforms complicated processes into streamlined, repeatable workflows, ensuring your workforce is always in sync.

Empower Data Ownership

Alex promotes ownership by linking specific assets to responsible stakeholders. Watch as ownership becomes more than just a concept – it becomes a daily reality in every data process with the help of Intelligent Business Glossary

Intelligent Business Glossary

Alex delivers for the world's best data teams.

We use the methodology of Intelligent Business Glossary. Alex can massively reduce the time and effort required to execute key data governance workflows like data quality issue impact analysis. Having an automated detection and analysis platform built into your Data Playbook can supercharge data quality improvement and maintain Intelligent Business Glossary

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Automated Data Lineage

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Reduction in Data Discovery Time

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Faster Impact Analysis