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Our Mission

The future is going to be defined by data. Our team of talented professionals is creating the world’s best Self-Managing Data Platform.

We understand that every decision should be informed by data. That’s why we’ve built Alex to be the single, simple and social data platform for organizations of all sizes.

Our Vision

Alex was born from subject matter expertise and the desire to develop a solution to complex industry challenges in enterprise data management.

Named after the ancient library of Alexandria – the keeper of all knowledge – Alex aspires to be the single source of truth in your organisation. Enterprise-scale data management should be as intuitive and beautiful as the apps we use outside of work. We design the Alex platform with the belief that anyone and everyone should be able to easily find the right data and understand whether it is fit for purpose.

Our Culture

At Alex we know that truly world class design starts with empathy. Our people are data experts and build the platform with a desire to improve the way our customers work through innovation.

Anyone should be able to easily find the right data for their purposes and create value without weeks of training or reliance on technical experts. Quality is a non-negotiable in everything we do. We believe that data should be trustworthy and shared, and that customer happiness is our ultimate metric.