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Achieve Data Observability with Alex

Achieve Unparalleled Data Observability with Alex

Why Alex for Data Observatibility?

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Our comprehensive platform empowers you to gain unparalleled insights into your data landscape, from automated cataloging to lineage tracking and quality assurance. With Alex, you can seamlessly integrate and analyze your data, transforming data observability into actionable insights.

Transparency Through Automated Data Observability

Trust is built on transparency, and Alex Augmented Data Catalog achieves this through Automated Data Lineage. Data lineage becomes the shared narrative, illuminating every step of the data’s journey. This transparency ensures that every report is not just a compilation of numbers but a story backed by a clear understanding of the data’s origin, transformations, and dependencies.

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Data Trust Ratings: Guide your Critical Decisions

Imagine a world where every report comes with a trust rating—a clear indication of the data’s reliability and accuracy. Alex Data Observability strategy makes this a reality by embedding data trust ratings in every report. These ratings serve as beacons for critical business decisions, guiding stakeholders to place trust in reports backed by transparent data governance practices. Data trust ratings become the compass for decision-makers navigating the vast sea of information.

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Context-Rich Enrichment: Elevating Report Relevance

Reports are not just about numbers; they’re about meaningful insights. Alex Augmented Data Catalog enriches reports with context-rich metadata. This goes beyond labels and tags, infusing your data assets with meaningful context. As your reports come alive with context, decision-makers can delve deeper into the nuances, ensuring that critical decisions are informed by a comprehensive understanding of the data through data observability.

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Understand and control all your data with ease

Create, apply, understand and enforce policy

Analyst, data steward, data engineer and more – every member of your team needs role-based access to different data. In Alex, you can set establish powerful role-based views and controls that enable anyone from technical experts to business users to quickly find, access and manage data they need, always according to the relevant policies.

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Centralized View of Relevant Policies

With Alex, you can create data governance policies with data observability methodology from a centralized location, ensuring consistency and coherence across the entire organization. In this way, data is not merely observable, it is fully contextualized. Define policies related to data access, security, quality, and compliance using intuitive interfaces and customizable templates, tailored to meet your specific business needs.

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Seamless Application across the Enterprise

Once data observability policies are created, Alex enables you to apply them effortlessly across the entire enterprise. Whether you have multiple departments, business units, or data repositories, our platform ensures that governance policies are uniformly applied, regardless of the data’s location or format. Say goodbye to siloed governance approaches and hello to consistency and standardization.

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Automated Enforcement and Reporting

Enforcing data observability policies can be challenging without the right tools. With Alex, enforcement becomes automated and proactive. Leverage automated workflows, alerts, and notifications to ensure that governance policies are enforced consistently in real time. From access controls to data quality standards, our platform provides the mechanisms needed to uphold governance policies across the enterprise.

Alex delivers for the world's best data teams.

Alex can massively reduce the time and effort required to execute key data governance workflows like data quality issue impact analysis. Having an automated detection and analysis platform supercharges data quality improvement.

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Automated Cross-Cloud Data Lineage

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Reduction in Data Discovery Time

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Faster Impact Analysis

Ever wanted Google-like search for your data?

Any Data, Anywhere.

Looking for a key metric for your report? Use Alex to find the data you need wherever it sits in your data landscape. Assess its trust and start using it – fast.

When you identify an impacted table, compliance issue or find the source of an inaccurate report, remediation can start immediately within the lineage view with native, automated workflows.

data observability
data observability
data observability

Alert Data Owners

Let the responsible subject matter experts take control of data issues for speedy remediation.

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Create Tickets

Easily detect and lodge any issues and their impacts up or downstream by conducting rapid lineage analysis.

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Conduct Impact Analysis

Immediately understand how any issues in data sets, down to the column-level, impact critical workflows.

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Protect Sensitive Data

Directly apply easily configurable risk and compliance policies, workflows and rules on anything in the catalog.