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Critical Data Element Management as a Service

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Alex rapidly enables you to manage CDEs, including its ownership information and relationships to other data/policies/terms 🌟 What you’re getting:

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Alex CDE Management as a Service

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Make Policy for Critical Data Elements and Apply them across the Enterprise

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Core CDE Management Capabilities

How Alex Enables Enterprise-wide Critical Data Governance

01. Automated Sensitivity Scanning

Gone are the days of labor-intensive sensitivity scanning. Alex streamlines this process with automated sensitivity scanning, empowering you to identify sensitive data across your entire ecosystem effortlessly. From personal identifiable information (PII) to financial records (PCI) and more, Alex's advanced algorithms for data-risk-regulatory-compliance with precision no matter where it sits, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

02. Column-level Lineage

Understanding data lineage is not just about tracing data flow; it's about ensuring data risk regulatory compliance at every stage. Alex's lineage-driven compliance insights offer unparalleled visibility into how data moves, transforms, and integrates within your infrastructure. With real-time lineage tracking, you gain insights into data risk regulatory compliance, enabling proactive mitigation strategies and ensuring regulatory adherence.

03. Automated Workflows Make Policy Reality

Every organization has unique governance requirements. Alex offers customizable workflow automation, allowing you to tailor automated data risk regulatory compliance workflows to suit your specific needs. Whether it's defining custom risk thresholds or configuring automated response actions, Alex puts you in control, ensuring that governance is simple for any user.

04. Control Access & Usage

By combining RBAC, usage monitoring, and usage restrictions, Alex empowers you to enhance the security and compliance posture of your organization. RBAC ensures that access to data is aligned with job roles and responsibilities, while usage monitoring provides real-time visibility into data usage patterns. Usage restrictions add an additional layer of protection, enforcing data risk regulatory compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies.

05. Report Ready Visualizations

Our report-ready data lineage visualizations are designed with data risk regulatory compliance in mind. Whether you need to demonstrate regulatory compliance or conduct internal audits, our visualizations provide the transparency and traceability required to satisfy regulatory requirements and internal governance standards. Whether you're a data steward, analyst, or executive, our visualizations empower you to grasp the intricacies of data lineage effortlessly.