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In late 2020, Gartner published a research report, Critical Capacities for Metadata Management Solutions, which assessed vendors on their ability to deliver on the primary focus of the metadata management world – active metadata. Across all four metrics which were deemed ‘newly emerging requirements’ for a metadata management vendor, Alex ranked among the top three. Against seventeen of the top vendors in the world, Alex Solutions scored: second in Data Governance, third in Data Risk and Compliance, first in Data Analysis, and second in Data Value. 

Notably, in Gartner’s 2021 Market Guide on Metadata Management, Alex was named a Representative Vendor, and thus on the forefront of active metadata governance. Gartner notes on Alex’s ability to ‘accelerate business outcomes’, which is achieved through the provision of the highest quality tools on the market for anything that requires active metadata governance. The Alex platform synergizes intricate machine learning capabilities with a beautiful and intuitive interface to equip organizations with enterprise level, augmented data governance at the simplest level of execution. 

Alex has proven itself as a formidable force within the metadata industry and the market is noticing. As the market continues to evolve and recognise the importance of active metadata management, so too does the Alex platform. Alex will continue to improve with the drive and innovation of its technical team, who in conjunction with insights from its usability team, analysts and user feedback, continue to deliver leading solutions for its customers. To find out what ‘all the rage is’ about please request a free demo.

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