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The Mona Lisa at face value is a half portrait oil painting of a woman. Yet, it is the most famous, visited, storied and renowned art piece in existence. The painting is in such high regard because of its legacy. The artwork is worth an inordinate amount due to the fact that its history and authenticity is known and validated. We know it was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, we can track where it has been and the restorations it has had until it ended in its current form found in the Louvre. The same could be said for data. An organization’s data is only as valuable as the authenticity and validity that accompanies it. This is why having augmented data lineage capability is invaluable for businesses at the enterprise level.


What is Data Lineage?

Data lineage refers to the process of tracking and understanding the history of a data asset and the transformations it underwent to reach its present state. To put into perspective the importance of data lineage, before the process was augmented with automation, organizations would dedicate entire employee roles to performing it.

From a data analytics standpoint, viewing the lifecycle of a data asset through data lineage is invaluable because it provides end-users with insights on how data moves and changes over time. Data scientists and stewards can grasp with pinpoint accuracy the exact time and events that caused the data asset to end up how it did. Being able to access a key data asset’s lineage allows for your sole focus to be on making profitable business decisions without doubting if the information can be trusted. Lineage massively improves the visibility into data that is imperative in data security initiatives – exposed or at-risk data can be examined to see exactly where vulnerabilities lie or at what point the data asset changed. 


Impact Analysis

Alex data lineage supports best in class impact analysis. An enterprises’ data, business activities and dependencies are analyzed to predict consequences of potential actions. It allows you to know the would-be outcomes and an accurate understanding of a proposed change. The impact of any changes in an organization’s systems, which usually occur frequently, can quickly and easily be mapped out and understood. This provides assurances that equip organizations to make the best business decisions possible, optimize processes and protect assets. 


World’s Best Automated Data Lineage 

Machine learning is encoded in every aspect of the Alex Platform, and data lineage is no exception. Data scientists are able to focus their efforts on making decisions with analytics instead of dedicating all their time trying to figure out the data’s history and assessing its trustworthiness. With this process automated and basically instantaneous, Alex removes the chance of human error and ensures that lineage is accurate. At the click of a button, the entire lifecycle of a piece of data will be displayed as simple visuals to represent all critical insights that are easy on the eyes.

Alex Solutions is ideal for any enterprise environment, automating 95% lineage out-of-the-box. Virtually all of your data can have its history and relationships traced immediately, without the need for third parties or lineage to be done manually. 


Use Lineage to Elevate your Data

Alex’s powerful automation is designed as a tool for users of all levels of technical ability. Business users who are not technologically savvy are able to harness the hidden complexities of Alex data lineage because of its intuitive design and role-based dashboards. Alex’s simple learning curve and ease-of-use allows for the platform to be deployed throughout the company quickly, so that analysis, workflows and business outcomes are facilitated by data lineage seamlessly and effortlessly. To learn more about what makes Alex’s data lineage capabilities world leading, or how it can provide value to your business, please request a free, personalized demo today.

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