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Gartner research indicates that the impact of COVID-19 disruptions on organizations’ digital business initiatives was vast. The overwhelming bulk of respondents to a Gartner survey indicated that the global pandemic caused them to accelerate digital business initiatives, with another 68% responding that they changed their IT operating model in the year of the pandemic. It’s clear that the COVID crisis accelerated existing pushes towards digital transformation, particularly in search of becoming data-driven. But if you’ve worked in this environment, you’d know that often the solution posed is to tear down existing data management practices and build from scratch again. Thanks to the abundance of metadata that existing systems create, there’s a faster and more effective way to get data-driven.

It’s rather simple. The shrewdest companies — those that lead the way with their data programs — don’t break up their overly tangled data systems. Rather, they look to leverage the metadata created and stored in existing data and analytics tools to build a unified, lightweight platform for the enterprise that can generate value from actual data without the hassle of its full weight. But standing up a new system alone is not enough. Data is constantly evolving, its content and analytical value is contingent on it being fresh and accurate. You need the right technology that can continuously provide only the freshest and most useful metadata to data citizens.

With a complex web of markets, logistics and regulations to wade through, the last thing you should be worrying about is your data. The Alex Platform makes your data useful by bringing active metadata to the fore in supporting the entire operations cycle of your enterprise. Alex enables even the largest enterprises to effectively collaborate around data and create value amongst immense technological complexity. But the platform needs to be reactive to the needs of specific business areas, teams and users — a one size fits all approach is no longer workable. Business units across the enterprise need specialised information to analyse operations and create unique products. Alex unifies your entire data system in a single catalog to maximise value in every area of the business. Users across the business, including non-technical data citizens are able to instantly access, understand and use the right data for them. Configurable roles align with responsibilities and automated workflows facilitate collaboration by standardising and tracking processes. In a time of increasing digitisation and collaboration, Alex brings teams together, anywhere, anytime to collaborate on and track work involving data. By unifying your system through the power of set-and-forget automated metadata scanning, Alex’s suite of exploration, analytics, impact and lineage analysis features then enable the maximisation of data value in every area of the business.

But in this unified environment, clarity is sorely necessary. People and teams need common language and understanding across an enterprise, despite differences between distinct business areas. Alex Intelligent Business Glossary combats complexity of the multi-cloud and global enterprise by unifying all definitions, policies, metrics, rules, processes, workflows and more. Unique identifiers can be assigned to Critical Data Elements that make them searchable across systems. Wherever CDEs appear, they are instantly identifiable to users of any technical ability. An easy-access swimlane of CDEs is automatically aggregated in the Alex Augmented Business Glossary so that the business importance of key data assets is always known. As a single source of truth and centre of collaboration for the enterprise, Alex Intelligent Business Glossary powers global Data Governance and business initiatives.

Built from day one with the future of global enterprise data management and business value in mind, Alex is the best tool to facilitate the onerous but promising digital transformation happening in all major organisations right now. Get in touch with our expert team to find out how Alex can meet your unique needs today.

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