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To meet this challenge, Alex Solutions has been designed from day one with a focus on making data useful to the business. With our Augmented Data Catalog, the task of unifying your data systems is automated, along with Data Quality measures that show you which data you can trust. With all your data in a single place and detailed metrics around its accuracy, freshness and more, you start to have a picture of which data may be useful. But this still isn’t enough. Without a clear understanding of how data actually relates to your business, the value you can derive from information assets is severely limited. Alex’s Intelligent Business Glossary builds on the Platform’s comprehensiveness by providing business users the tools to better understand and collaborate around data.

Know what you have

Intelligent Business Glossary combats the complexity of today’s multi-cloud, global enterprises by unifying all definitions, policies, metrics, rules, processes, workflows and more. As a single source of truth and centre of collaboration for the enterprise, Alex Intelligent Business Glossary powers global Data Intelligence and business initiatives. The glossary radically reduces the distance between technical aspects of data management and the production of business value by directly linking key business context to physical data assets. This means that the importance of data to the business and particular objectives or processes is never lost and makes analytical outputs more traceable. Eliminating conflicting or duplicate data and definitions will immediately create reliability within your data systems. Reports are verifiable, with detailed and traceable views of every individual piece of information that makes it in, making queries possible to those responsible. By enabling common language and processes to be adopted and trusted, more decisions can be made on a trusted basis.

Promoting collaboration

Alex can import existing business glossary terms and immediately enable collaboration and enrichment through automated workflows. Data processes become visible and easily trackable, with notifications, subscriptions and saved searches built-in. This way, even the most complicated processes can be made highly transparent and repeatable. The glossary is fully configurable to allow different teams and users to favourite and subscribe to assets they use regularly. This improves consistency immediately, eliminating conflicting definitions and use of data within reports both internal and to the regulator. Siloed knowledge from experts will be unpacked and democratised within the glossary, building understanding of data within the business. With a clear and consistent picture of data and technical assets within the business context, your focus will shift from trying to demystify information onto extracting its value. From here, it’s easy for people and teams to consult powerful dashboards, track workflows at a glance, share relevant information, issue alerts and democratise Data Intelligence within the organisation.

The Alex Intelligent Business Glossary was designed to meet the needs of today’s interconnected business landscape. Worldwide teams need worldwide coordination. Inside the glossary, teams can easily understand each other’s work around technical data assets and trust definitions and context are correct. Instead of investigating meaning and use, teams across the enterprise can work together to rapidly identify and execute data-driven opportunities that unlock value previously unavailable to the business. Get Data Intelligent today. Contact our team to arrange a demonstration of how Alex can align data assets to business intelligence and objectives in your organisation today.

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