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The term ‘total cost of ownership’ or TCO, describes an accounting concept that helps buyers determine the costs of a product or service, both direct and indirect. Other than the price paid from purchase, costs arise in the form of lost value due to difficulty in its deployment and implementation. Additionally, insufficient processing power and lack of features likely results in losses down the line for businesses which encounter data demands that increase or change. Therefore, understanding where value is gained and lost from metadata solutions, and which solutions are best at facilitating time to value is integral to cost effective data management.

What makes Alex Solutions the lowest TCO platform to get your organization data-driven, fast?

Easy deployments, fast implementation

Ease-of-use is a tenet of Alex. The fruits of this mindset are validated through a high degree of satisfaction expressed by Gartner respondents, when it comes to the overall user experience of the solution. Alex invests heavily in its usability team to continuously make improvements to the platform. Uplifts are in virtually every release, developed based on feedback directly gathered from power users and customers. These efforts ensure an intuitive and practical tool that enables value to be extracted from data by both business and technical users. Through automation and fully configurable role profiles and trackable workflows, Alex fosters a culture of knowledge-sharing and collaboration around data in every organization. The platform’s easy learning curve, simplicity in operation and business-friendly UI has received praise from customers and Gartner analysts, who note Alex’s ability to accelerate time to value on any project involving data.

Powerful Automation

Alex is building the automated future of data governance. Automation is a key feature encoded in every aspect of the Alex platform, from automated workflows to full data lineage and reporting pipelines, there are numerous ways that customers benefit through reduced costs and increased efficiency. Your people will spend less time trying to find, understand and use data correctly and more time actually putting it to work for its best purpose. Alex boasts the largest Connector Marketplace in the space, arming the platform to plug-and-play in virtually every enterprise environment. Technology agnostic and powerful harvesting and cataloging capabilities across both structured and unstructured systems map your knowledge and get you started quickly. Alex is never finished, and new features and uplifts are constantly under development and offered to customers.

Integrating an enterprise data catalog, like Alex, embeds the assurance that unexpected costs do not arise in the future, as its scalability can match any data demands that develop as your organization grows. Alex supports one of the largest known data catalogs in the world and can deliver value and create efficiencies at any scale. Whilst the impact of indirect or unforeseen costs are minimized, our focus on development means that the value of the platform to customers will only grow.

Unified Data Platform

The Alex platform is technology agnostic. The tools that Alex customers are equipped with facilitate data governance, data analysis, data quality, data security and privacy. Alex’s diverse range of use cases and solutions mean there’s value to be found for every business. The truly enterprise-wide application of Alex is a constant source of satisfaction for customers. Each aspect of the platform, from Catalog to Lineage and Business Glossary work in tandem to strengthen each other, ensuring complete metadata management. Alex is built to be the enterprise data platform for workforce productivity. Everyone in your business will find use cases and functionalities that support their variety of core responsibilities and foster a data culture.

Simple licensing model

Alex understands the benefit of a unified platform and extends this core design philosophy to our pricing model, which is simple and affordable at any scale. Unlike other vendors, which often offer different levels of packages with varying degrees of restrictions imposed, Alex provides instance based licensing where customers are granted access to all features, including current and future Intelligent Connectors. Streamlined pricing allows its customers to calculate their TCO and ROI easily and allow for the swift planning and implementation of new Alex-facilitated projects that deliver even greater value than original statements of work.

What can Alex’s Lowest TCO mean for your organization?

When shopping for data catalogs, organizations need to avoid the pitfall of just looking at the annual subscription price. This way, value is sure to be lost, subtly, one way or another. Instead, businesses need to understand the TCO of what is on market to generate the most accurate assessments which account for real value and potential indirect costs.

The Alex enterprise data platform achieves the lowest TCO through a combination of enabling maximal net work output, and minimizing unforeseen costs. Purchasing and implementing Alex is simple, transparent, and best of all, fast. Please request a free, personalized demonstration from our expert team to learn more about why Alex is the most cost-effective and valuable data catalog for your business.

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