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At Alex Solutions we understand how difficult it can be to manage the life cycle of sensitive data from the point when it is created or ingested, to when it is shared, used and transformed in your applications. It is virtually impossible to discover, profile and analyze all the sensitive data within an enterprise using predominantly manual techniques. Even when possible, this is not a sustainable way to renew compliance in the long term as data growth continues to accelerate.  The right platform can help you implement an enterprise privacy program with confidence and enable you to effectively monitor and control your sensitive data. Working with some of the largest companies in the world, within weeks Alex Solutions was able to automate the profiling of sensitive information including PII/PCI/PHI as well as automatically visualize how sensitive information flows through their applications from source to destination. This includes automatically profiling the entire usage history of specific data objects and labeling Critical Data Elements wherever they are in the enterprise.

Enterprises have complex data landscapes and data flows that include both structured and unstructured data.

This complexity can create challenges for businesses seeking to apply privacy standards in a consistent way across the entire enterprise. Some difficulties this may pose includes:

  • Lack of visibility into how your data is being used across all applications and environments

  • Inability to track changes made by users or systems

  • Uncontrolled sharing of PII information

  • Failure to meet PCI requirements

Alex enables enterprise data privacy by enabling compliance with GDPR, CCPA and other industry regulations. It also automates key elements of the compliance process so that you can focus on your core business rather than wasting time on manual processes, which can be error-prone and difficult to ensure compliance every time.

As a technology agnostic SaaS solution, Alex is easy to integrate into your existing infrastructure and provides a single pane of glass for managing all your sensitive data. It also has built-in machine learning capabilities that help you identify new sensitive information in real time and provides you with the ability to monitor the risk levels associated with specific systems and data. Alex enables enterprises to apply privacy standards in a consistent way across the entire organization by storing important knowledge (terms, definitions, metrics, policies and more) in the Business Glossary, labeling Critical Data Elements accordingly and converting key data privacy and compliance processes into automated workflows.

Manually identifying and profiling sensitive data across hundreds or thousands of databases and applications is unfeasible.

It is difficult to manually identify or profile sensitive data across hundreds or thousands of databases and applications, look at all possible usage patterns, automatically discover access controls associated with data as well as users who have access to data and then visualize how sensitive data moves through your applications. This is where Alex Solutions excels; it enables you to automate the process of discovering, profiling, monitoring and protecting sensitive information across endpoints & databases with the world’s best Automated Data Lineage visualizations.

Alex Solutions provides an integral solution for managing the life cycle of PII by automating sensitive data discovery, profiling & monitoring across endpoints (e.g., servers), databases (e.g., Oracle DBs), cloud-based repositories (e.g., AWS S3 buckets) & applications (e.g., Salesforce). This enables enterprises to implement their enterprise privacy program with confidence organization-wise by providing effective automated monitoring and control of PII, PCI & PHI.

Automating these bedrocks of data privacy operations allows compliance programs to achieve without disrupting or slowing down day-to-day operations. From a position where all sensitive data owned by the enterprise is discovered and profiled with its full relationships and access history available, it is easier to make smart decisions about security measures like integrated encryption and key management capabilities. In other words, if you know where your sensitive data is and what it is, you can make resource-efficient decisions about how best to protect it. A lack of knowledge over how your data is being used, shared and stored is a recipe for disaster – it translates to a lack of control. If you are not able to track the life cycle of your sensitive data, then you could be putting your organization at risk. This can lead to many challenges like loss of customer trust and reputation and expensive fines from regulators.

Alex enables enterprises to centrally manage their privacy program and automate the discovery, monitoring, analysis and protection of sensitive information to ease regulatory and compliance requirements.

Through automation, Alex reduces the time spent searching for data that needs to be protected and provides a centralized system of control and automated profiling of sensitive information. By combining this information with user activity and other metadata collected from your organization’s various data sources, you can gain insights into employee behavior that will enable better prioritization of your remediation efforts. This also provides an additional layer of defense against insider threats by helping detect anomalous behavior that may indicate a malicious actor is accessing or manipulating data for purposes outside normal business processes.

The crucial point.

Alex Solutions is the only enterprise data privacy solution that enables you to automate the discovery, monitoring, analysis and protection of sensitive information across hundreds or thousands of databases and applications within weeks. For more information on how Alex Solutions can enhance your data privacy and compliance operations with automation in 2023, request a free personalized demo: 

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