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Alex Solutions, the data platform for workforce productivity company, today announced a partnership with Comma to enable best-in-class metadata management.

This new strategic alliance will allow Alex unprecedented reach into the UK market. Comma is an award-winning data management consultancy and system integrator based in the UK, growing across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Enterprise data management is more in focus than ever, and Alex was born from subject matter expertise, to solve the challenges companies face today. This partnership furthers the Alex strategy of working with industry leading experts who can take our cutting-edge enterprise data platform worldwide.

“We chose Comma to be our first major UK-based specialist partner because we know what type of expertise is required to maximise the true value that the Alex platform can provide,” said Phil Joel, GM Sales and Channels, Alex Solutions. “This partnership will enable our customers to consult with Comma’s award-winning experts and leverage investments in data for greater value”.

Companies are increasingly inquiring with Comma about how to achieve a single view of their entire data and IT system. Digitisation and Big Data are continuing to drive change. But without the right technology and sound knowledge, the business value of investments in transformation is being left behind.

“Comma and Alex are aligned on the present and future opportunities for companies to turn their data into real business outcomes and growth,” Phil continued. “Our single platform approach functionally enables Comma to execute on a unified data governance vision for your company. We both want customers to focus on getting value out of their data, not putting out infrastructural fires.”

To find out more about Comma’s award-winning data governance services, now leveraging Alex, visit their website at: To get a free, personalized demonstration of what Alex can do for your specific organization, please reach out to our expert team below.

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