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World Leading Automated Cross-Application Data Lineage

Know Every Data Flow across your entire enterprise, straight out of the box.

100% Personalization

The fully configurable Data Catalog enabled by No Code Ontology and the Alex Knowledge Graph. Your Data Catalog.

End-To-End Solution

Alex is the only end-to-end Data Catalog solution, providing Connectivity, Harvesting, Enrichment, Data Governance, Data Quality and Data Privacy in the one place.

Real Automation

From day one, Alex was designed with automation as a focus of platform power and the customer experience. We pioneered automated Connectors and we have the most and best available today.

Technology Agnostic

Alex is the Catalog of Catalogs. Centralize all leading cloud platforms, enterprise applications and legacy technologies in the one data management platform.

World’s Largest Data Catalog

The Data Catalog that scales with your business.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

You don’t need an army of resources. Automation, Alex Connectors, a unified platform and rapid implementations are why customers choose Alex as the cost effective, scalable Data Catalog.

Speed to Value

Alex is the fastest way to get data-driven and generate value from your data. Automation powers our rapid Cataloging and Profiling that gives you the insights you need for critical business decisions.



Alex Solutions has been named a Leader in Gartner’s Metadata Management Solutions Magic Quadrant for 3 consecutive years!

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