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Make Privacy Policy Reality

Configure data policies as automated workflows that allow teams to make access and handling control consistent in Alex. Processes can be defined, contextualized and exercised with role-based accountability.

Rapid Analysis for Rapid Remediation

Alex monitors the usage, permissions and access information of your sensitive data, with dashboardable heatmaps to identify exposure risks. Alerts to data owners are triggered when risk levels rise. Teams can rapidly take remedial actions by configuring access controls, revising and enacting policies to prevent breaches.

Automatically Profile Sensitive Data

Alex leverages the world’s best automated sensitive data scanners to find and contextualize the sensitive data in any of your applications. By unifying the management of all your data in Alex, you can properly govern privacy.

Control Access and Usage

Instantly discover who has access to specific data assets and applications. Make adjustments in real-time. Get the full usage history of any piece of data across its entire lifecycle, including all transformations.

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Report Ready Visualizations

Alex Data Lineage automates clear visual maps of how sensitive data flows through your applications from source to destination. Some large enterprises use Alex Lineage directly when reporting to regulators. 

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