Alex brings all your systems, information and people together in a unified platform with the functionality required to maximise clarity, productivity and value. The Alex platform is a fully scalable, end-to-end enterprise solution that captures and stores the most comprehensive metadata in a central workspace. This is possible because of powerful automation.


When you’re managing enterprise scale data complexity, you need beautiful, intelligent design to maintain and maximise efficiency. Alex is designed from the ground up with a focus on ease of use and an intuitive and familiar user interface. Using Alex to work with data is as simple as picking something to watch on Netflix. That’s the way it should be.


Having a powerful platform would be meaningless without a high degree of interconnectivity. It’s not enough for one or two experts to work in enterprise data systems anymore. Alex’s connectivity with the data ecosystem is augmented by an advanced suite of collaboration tools, features and design choices that make working together easier and better. Make managing your data like using your favourite social network.